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An assistant real estate agent is a physical person who is employed by a licenced real estate agent and carries out real estate transactions under his instructions provided he is registered in the Registry of Assistant Real Estate Agents ...

Article 11A of the Immovable Property Law, Cap.224, provides for two separate cases for the acquisition of a passage, either when a land is enclosed or when the existing passage is insufficient for its proper use, development and enjoyment ...

THE protection of the rights of the creditors and the assets of a company against which a liquidation application is pending may be a good reason for stay of a lawsuit or other proceedings pending against the company until the issuance of the liquidation order...

THE positive start of the tourism season creates optimism and expectations that this summer the results will be better in arrivals and income than last year ...

THE Courts in the exercise of their powers issue orders, interim or final, by which they order a party to do or refrain from doing something, such as to deliver a property ...

It is a basic principle of law that a person who chooses to accept a right that involves at the same time the fulfilment of an obligation, is not allowed to obtain the benefit and be released from the obligation ...

THE choice of the Court before which a case is filed is essential as it relates to its jurisdiction and in case of lack of jurisdiction ...