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The choice of Cyprus as a high-quality, low-price tourist destination highlights its competitiveness, attracting more and more holidaymakers, especially earlier this year due to the Easter holidays. Reservations in hotels...

The legal protection of a creditor extends to set aside by a Court order the disposition of movable or immovable property made fraudulently by a debtor with the intention to defraud the creditor in order to delay or...

The availability of self-catering accommodation for short-stays serves a number of guests who choose this type of accommodation, either for holidays or for work, both from Cyprus and abroad. It is now considered a...

Owners of agricultural plots of land which are essentially inactive, are increasingly showing interest in their long-term lease, by entering into the well-known blue contract, for the construction and installation of solar...

Every person exercising public authority must properly apply the law for the benefit of the public and without interfering with any recognized right of any person. Indeed, such person is given a second opportunity to...

There is often a need to renew a writ of summons, which is valid for 12 months from the filing of the action, because despite the efforts of the plaintiff, it was not successful in serving it on the defendant or on any of the...

The lack of adequate supervision and control of the certifying officers provides the possibility of defrauding the real estate owner, who may see his property lost illegally, usually by a relative who draws up a forged...

The arbitration clause in any agreement such as the provision of services, contracting, sale or rental of immovable property or agreement with any other object, is the basis for referring a dispute that may arise between...

The civil jurisdiction of the District Courts is determined by article 22 of the Courts of Justice Law, 14/1960, following the general and specific instructions issued by the Supreme Court. The President of a District Court shall...