Accidents & Liability (Tort Law) 

We represent clients who are involved in road traffic accidents suffering personal injury, loss or damage, in accidents occurring during their employment as well as in other unfortunate events. We offer legal advice and representation to persons or entities involved in such situations. Our legal knowledge and services expand beyond road traffic accidents and comprise of issues relating to occupier and public liability, trespass and nuisance to property, trespass to person, product liability as well as to issues of fraud, misrepresentation, and breach of duty of care.

Administrative Law & Judicial Review

We undertake to advise clients on issues relating to judicial review of decisions and judgments of governmental bodies and authorities. Our law firm represents clients in procedures of judicial review procedures before the Administrative Court as well as in procedures involving hierarchical recourses.

Banking Law

We focus on banking and commercial banking disputes and have successfully represented the interests of credit institutions as well as the interests of a vast number of consumers and investors in many litigation procedures before all Courts of Cyprus and the Court of the European Union. 

Contracts and Written Agreements


Corporate & Commercial

We offer a full range of services from the incorporation of a company. Our law firm has successfully handled commercial and corporate matters safeguarding and promoting our clients’ economic interests. 

Debt Collection – Enforcement of Cypriot and Foreign Judgments

Our law firm can assist clients in recovering and collecting outstanding debts owed. We can assist in enforcing judgements against creditors, whether in Cyprus or abroad.

Employment Law

We represent employers and employees in issues of unfair dismissal or wrongful termination of employment, forced termination of employment, non-payment of employee remuneration, claims for compensation and other relevant matters relating to this vital field.

Family Law

We can offer our legal assistance and representation in family matters including divorce procedures, child maintenance and spousal alimony, family property disputes as well as issues of exclusive possession of the marital residence after separation. 

Landlord & Tenant

Our law firm has a long-term experience in Landlord and Tenant legal issues. Our law firm effectively represents clients in cases involving Rent Control Law, evictions, rent default, loss of use of rental property and all other relevant disputes. 

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Our law firm’s litigation department comprises of highly educated, well-experienced and motivated litigators who have the capability and expertise to bring favourable results. We advise and represent clients in any matter and dispute before any Court or Tribunal in Cyprus or abroad. Our advice and representation extend to all forms of alternative dispute resolution procedures including arbitration, mediation and negotiation. 

Management Committees Legal Services

We offer guidance and expert legal advice to Management Committees on various legal issues including, the summoning of Annual Meeting, the election and appointment of the member of the Management Committee, collection of outstanding communal fees and expenses, as well as extraordinary expenses. We have significant experience in complex legal issues and projects relevant to the communal areas, including, issues of communal fees debtors, issues of renovations or betterment of communal areas, issues of collection of the necessary apportioned sums for the renovation/betterment project issues relevant to the construction works.

Real Estate & Property

Our law firm has successfully represented many clients in safely purchasing, selling, renting or leasing property in a way that safeguards their rights and interests. As experts in drafting contracts and agreements of purchase of any real estate entity, we can make sure that our client’s property transaction is facilitated in a safe and secure manner. 

Tourism Industry and Hotel Business Law

We have and in-depth knowledge in the industry of tourism and hotel business. Over the years, we have been offering our legal advice, expertise and representation to tour operators, hotel owners and managers, hotels and entrepreneurs engaged in tourism industry. We have a practical understanding as to how the tourism and hotel business operate on a daily basis, the various challenges that immerge, including legal issues regarding construction and renovation of hotels and hotel apartments.

Wills & Administration

Our law firm offers a full range of legal services regarding the drafting and execution of wills, administration procedures and all necessary Court work in this respect.