Positive prospects for Cyprus tourism 2023

Positive prospects for Cyprus tourism 2023

by George Coucounis

“The upcoming tourist season is expected to be much better than 2019”

The choice of Cyprus as a high-quality, low-price tourist destination highlights its competitiveness, attracting more and more holidaymakers, especially earlier this year due to the Easter holidays. Reservations in hotels already exceed 20% for the entire tourist season and send the message that there is an increase in tourists from all markets, proving that this year will be better than 2019. Visitors, mainly from Europe and beyond, choose Cyprus because of the many advantages it offers, hospitality, service, entertainment, good food, short distances, sun and sea. Escapes for a few days of rest and relaxation in a safe and quiet place, away from the big cities, under the sun and close to the sea, relax and rejuvenate visitors. But it is also the entertainment as well as the Mediterranean cuisine and the excursions that all together contribute to the choice of Cyprus as a favourite and sure destination for unforgettable holidays. The high standard of the building facilities, both of the hotels and other tourist accommodation, which are properly and adequately equipped and decorated, inside and outside, to welcome “foreign” visitors, is another advantage for a comfortable and pleasant stay.

Tourism is a pillar of economic stability for Cyprus and investments in the sector have contributed and continue to contribute to the promotion of the competitiveness of the tourism product. The majority of hotels are new or are regularly renovated and there are no outdated or unmaintained hotels that repel visitors. This is a substantial advantage, which is taken into account when choosing Cyprus as a tourist destination. Visiting the websites of travel agents or the hotels themselves or the platforms of large companies dealing with reservations advertise and highlight this advantage.

The adoption of hygiene standards followed by the hotels, and indeed strict ones, provide guests with a sense of security and enjoyment of the variety on offer, based on the Mediterranean diet. The primary concern in the hotel sector is the service and satisfaction of the guests, while providing the necessary information to protect against any intolerance to various ingredients. The offer of choices according to dietary preferences also satisfies that category of guests who need special care and respect. This level of care distinguishes and upgrades the tourist product to meet the full range of modern requirements.

The promotion of programs aimed at environmental protection and green development is part of the policy that the hotels are implementing, particularly in view of the significant cost of electricity, which is a burden on operating costs. Several hotels have already installed solar panels on the roof of their buildings, but to address the problem the regulator is required to allow the establishment and operation of solar parks on nearby properties to use the electricity generated to set-off that consumed in the hotels. This is a major issue that needs to be addressed and resolved immediately so that a significant benefit can result from both reducing the electricity bill and promoting green growth.

The employment of the necessary staff, who are experienced and well-trained to fill the positions in the various jobs, is a necessity and a priority so that hotels and the food service sector in general can meet their obligations. There is a shortage of staff and offering employment on a full-time basis during the whole year could help alleviate this problem. The state must deal with this issue and develop programs that address this need, especially in the winter season with staff training and education programs.

Expectations for tourism are positive this year, as demonstrated by bookings, and it is up to all stakeholders, the Deputy Ministry, local authorities, hotels and the other actors involved in the industry to ensure the advantages that Cyprus offers as a quality tourist destination. It could welcome even more visitors and extend the tourist season, so the benefit would be greater. It is important to ensure the competitiveness of the tourism product in order to be able to serve the needs that arise, bearing in mind that the visitors are not only the best visitors, but also the most important ones.