Slide Law is in our blood
As a family firm, we live and breathe the law. We have an in-depth understanding of the Cypriot legal system, and vast experience in the complexities of international law.

Founded in Cyprus by leading lawyer George Coucounis, the firm has practiced litigation for over 35 years. We specialize in many areas of the law, but we also show leadership and veracity through advising the public of important, impending and impactful issues.

You can find this information in weekly reports and editorials written by George Coucounis for national publications, and in the Articles section of our website.

Success for our clients

We bring the vigor of our energy and determination to every case. Being fully aware that litigation is often a stressful experience for clients, we are pragmatic in our service, guiding you to the right law, communicating effectively, accommodating your needs and treating you with respect.

Over the years, we have achieved landmark resolutions and brought the gained knowledge and valuable experience to other cases, ensuring that all clients benefit from these successful precedents.

We do not give up

We succeed where others concede, always seeking the most beneficial results for you as our client. By providing expert legal representation in the Cyprus courts, by instigating contracts that are dependably binding and sustainable, by mitigating dispute resolution to achieve your aims, we serve you with competence, reliability and integrity.

Expert legal representation

We provide fine quality legal representation and have a unifying, highly effective winning mentality. We compromise nothing to achieve the best results for clients. We never give up and will exhaust every possible legal path and strategy to support the client’s case, using practicality, hard-earned legal knowledge, negotiation skills and advocacy expertise. On numerous times during our professional careers, we have produced successful results in extremely difficult, highly contentious, complex cases.

Strategic thinking

Our advocate team assists clients to set up a winning strategy and take informed decisions to achieve their ultimate aims. Dependable and responsive, our team fully encompasses the elevated sense of responsibility that our profession demands. As lawyers we place supreme importance on our clients’ best interests, bringing total focus to their cases and needs, consistently employing total honesty and straightforwardness in our approach.

Our promise to you

You can be fully confident that the Coucounis law team is dedicated and passionate about its chosen profession and fully committed to your cause. The foundation of our success is meticulous preparation, insightful planning and wide-ranging legal knowledge.