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THE readiness of the hotels to welcome tourists is given and the efforts of the tour operators, especially from the United Kingdom, to start flights from May, creates the prospects for the tourist season to start earlier this year. Before the pandemic, bookings used to...

THE term due diligence refers to the process usually initiated by the purchaser of an immovable property or a business, through which the interested party or entity requests and obtains information, documents and assurances as to the status of the property in issue but also...

THE creditor who secures a court judgment against a debtor can register it in the Land Registry as a charge upon the immovable property which is registered and has a title deed in the name of the debtor. The registration of the judgment creates an...

THE requisition of an immovable property intends to serve the public benefit and is an exceptional measure to cover an urgent need. It presupposes the issuance of an order published in the Official Gazette and determines the purpose for which it became necessary, the reasons...

THE Constitution in the context of its 8th amendment with Law 130 (I)/2015 amended article 146 and provided for the establishment, jurisdiction and powers of the Administrative Court to deal with and decide on a recourse related to a matter of public law. In particular,...

A litigant who files an action or uses any other legal procedure before the Court, including an appeal before the Supreme Court, when it appears from credible evidence that he is unable to pay the other litigant’s costs if he succeeds in his defence, he...

THE owner of a piece of land who intends to develop it may apply to the competent Town Planning Authority for preliminary views before applying for a town planning permit. This opportunity is usually used by the owners in order to be informed whether their...

IN the context of an application to resolve property disputes between spouses, anyone of them can apply to the Court requesting an order against the other spouse to disclose his/her assets through an affidavit. The Court sets a time limit of 15 days or any...